Albert Goederond

Works in Arnhem
Born in Schiedam, 1963
Albert Goederond burns his drawings and images into small wooden panels. After a drawing is created with the burner, he usually adds colour. It seems as if Goederond surrenders to the accidental material available, in whatever size. He just begins and the image seems to create itself under his hands, or does he have a preconceived plan after all? His works are elaborate, laborious panels, always loaded with tension. One of them might contain recognizable words, another can be half abstract. Infinite gouging lines that remain burned into the wood. Goederond will not be guided but goes his own way. Obsessive, driven and concentrated, he offers the viewer his personal vision of reality in his work.
Zwart en Geel
Zwart en Geel 2014 49 x 41,5 x 0,8 cm pyrografie, multiplex, verf
Bang 2014 19 x 17 x 0,8 cm pyrography, plywood, paint
Tripolaire obstipatie
Tripolaire obstipatie 2014 34 x 31 x 0,8 cm pyrography, plywood, paint
z.t. 2014 36 x 27 x 0,8 cm pyrography, plywood