Alphons ter Avest

Works in Arnhem
Born in Hengelo, 1960
Ter Avest is willing to try everything. He is open to techniques and curious about new practises he can use in his work. The aluminium car and the phosphor screen print are two extreme examples of this. Sometimes he chooses to clearly demonstrate the technique in the work itself. In the aluminium car, he lets the sprues (needed for casting) become a part of the sculpture. These are attached to the car almost like "super exhausts". The amorphously cast shape with sprues turn the car into a new and attractive image. Ter Avest steals over the viewer with this sophisticated and pleasant movement to eventually strike and surprise him or her, or rather, put them to the test.
Nachtezel 2012 120 x 160 cm screen print
Auto 2005 d15 x h24 x 42b cm aluminium cast
Vogelaar; dag en nacht
Vogelaar; dag en nacht 1998 91 x 123 cm screen print, phosphor ink
Daglichtpaard 2012 120 x 160 cm screen print