Bert van Ommen

Works in Arnhem
Born in Heerde, 1965 - 2012 passed away
HKArnhem 1988 -1992
Bert van Ommen was an artist who created paintings and collages. The city, and especially his home city Arnhem, is often the subject of Bert's collages. Using coloured paper, knife, scissors and glue, he made small, minutely detailed, almost photographic collages of streets, buildings, houses, traffic lights and parks in his own city. Always with the absence of people. It is the empty city which he recorded in his work. He would often make several collages of the same spot, situated in day, evening or night. The strength of his work lies in the visible fascination he had for the city and the way he translated this into meticulous collages. His obsession but also the pleasure he had in it just oozes out of his work.
Flat in de zomer
Flat in de zomer 2010 15 x 11 cm paper, collage
Flat in de herfst
Flat in de herfst 2010 15 x11 cm paper, collage