Brieke Drost

Works in Wolfheze
Born in Arnhem, 1957
ABK Arnhem 1980 -1985
Brieke Drost mainly paints still lifes. Glass jars, bottles and bowls are the objects most commonly depicted in her paintings. It seems she's not so much concerned with the objects themselves as with conveying the experience and the shimmer of the material. Beside that, the light and the mostly monochrome backgrounds determine the atmosphere. The art of painting is essential, and in Drost's work, this is constantly evolving. As a painter she sticks to what she knows best, both in subject matter as in her manner of painting. This way, she has built up a consistent body of mostly small works and medium-sized paintings over the course of her career.
Vogelglas 1994 36 x 27 cm acrylic on paper