Gerard Koek

Works in Nijmegen
Born in Hoogeveen, 1954
Gerard mainly creates sculptural works. To this end, he makes use of both existing objects such as tables and chairs as well as self-built model-like structures. The work in the collection starts with a base over which a table protrudes. On the table, a strange brown cardboard box-like object, stuck together with tape is situated. On one side of this object, an intriguing bulge protrudes. This suggests that there is something else in the box causing the bulge. The artist only gives you this suspicion, but no more. Koek suggests several possibilities, but doesn't reveal anything. The viewer must decide for him or herself what is going on in the box.
Words '16'
Words '16' 2012 59,4 x 42 cm (A2) Collage of letters, taken from magazines, newspapers etc., which, placed in a strictly ordered field, read: "Behind, uh, well, behind, this, uh, all, uh, there, uh, is, more than, uh, uh, enough "
Z.T. 1997 110 x 73 cm paper, hatching and clusters in coloured pencil plus sand
domestic '6'
domestic '6' 2011 49 x 59,5 x 123,5 cm wood, cardboard