Hans Walraven

Works in Arnhem
Born in Wamel, 1962
HKArnhem 1985-1990
Hans Walraven paints like an alchemist. He does not stick only to canvas and paint, he makes mixtures and concoctions with which he treats his canvases. At one point he irrigates a canvas with a slow emulsion and lets it find its way across the canvas. At another point, he covers a canvas with tens of thousands of dots of pink paint. "It keeps you busy," he says. He is at work. Hans lets his work balance on a plane of aesthetic rancidity and hidden eroticism and sex. This feeling is reinforced by the solidified concoctions and other indefinable regurgitations populating his canvases. As a painter, Walraven occupies a completely unique position, and draws his very own plans.
z.t.(Kodak) 2015 120 x 150 cm acrylic on canvas
Hieronymus 2012 40 x 50cm acrylic, fungi and miscellaneous on canvas
Mamaloe 2014 120 x 150 cm acrylic on canvas
Klukkluk 2014 120 x 150 cm acrylic on canvas
Geen titel (rose puntjes)
Geen titel (rose puntjes) 1994 145 x 140 cm acrylic on fabric with dot pattern
Rood wit en blauw
Rood wit en blauw 2014 20 x 20 cm acrylicfoam on canvas