Hester Oerlemans

Works in Berlijn
Born in Schijndel, 1961
Oerlemans is a versatile artist who has remained true to the discipline of drawing over the years alongside all the other work she has created. This also applies to the drawings in the collection. They seem to come from an archive of drawings and sketches. A number of these are not drawn with pencil but made with coloured tape. These are studies for chairs which she has executes in balloons at a later stage. The four ceramic works are actually literally based on balloons around which the work has been formed. They are shiny, oily, almost bodily objects. The drawings and ceramic objects prove the idiosyncratic virtuosity Oerlemans undeniably possesses. Wilfulness and originality are qualities which are apparent in all of her works.
On the run II
On the run II 2014 32 x 24 cm drawing, tape
Eames lounge chair
Eames lounge chair 2013 24 x 32 cm drawing, tape
Hartman 2013 24 x 32 cm drawing
Eames 2013 24 x 32 cm drawing
Mart Stam
Mart Stam 2013 24 x 32 cm drawing
Hang it all
Hang it all 2013 24 x 32 cm drawing
Danny 2013 24 x 32 cm drawing
Chain 2012 35 x 25 x 60 cm ceramic
Blop' bruin
Blop' bruin 2012 45 x 35 x 50 cm ceramic
Blop' blauw
Blop' blauw 2012 45 x 35 x 50 cm ceramic
Blop' Zilver
Blop' Zilver 2010 50 x 52 x 54 cm ceramic
Overzicht in atelier
Overzicht in atelier 2014