Ivonne Zijp

Works in Nieuwe Dijk / Arnhem
Born in Geldern (D), 1971
HKArnhem 1993 - 1997
Ivonne Zijp shows a keen eye for detail in her photography. In these two photo prints, she records two seemingly insignificant places within the same building. They are not what you would call immediately attractive places. A radiator, a curtain, a bare wall. The emptiness, the boring, the unseen. Zijp does see something here. She fixates that which she wants to see and isolates this from the surroundings. Afterwards, looking at the photographs, we can see what she has already seen. Sharp to the smallest details, even the spots on the wall. By her way of seeing and capturing, Zijp attributes new value to places like this. Emptiness becomes aesthetic, boring becomes intriguing and the unseen becomes visible.
Radiator 2013 120 x 100 cm Piezography 1/6
Gordijn 2013 125 x 100 cm Piezography 1/6