Jaap Kroneman

Works in Arnhem
Born in Roermond, 1968
HKArnhem 1988 -1992
Jaap Kroneman's work is characterized by great diversity and extremes in aesthetics. On the one hand he charms the viewer with his aesthetics, on the other hand he annoys him or her with his provoking imagery. Aesthetics can be seen in his mirror object "Blinky Palermo". This is a timeless image. You think you can place it within a certain time and trend, but at the same time it withdraws itself from any point in time. Herein also lies a strength of Kroneman's work. This also goes for the 'plus minus' or (+ -) aircraft painting, made at the beginning of his career. It is a painting which feels very much alive and which he also could have painted now, or next year.
Match 2
Match 2 2007 90 x 4 x 4 cm wood
Vliegtuig + -
Vliegtuig + - 1999 40 x 30 cm oil in canvas
Vliegtuig 1997 58 x 78 cm painting
Snoer 2010 49 x 19 cm oil on canvas (6)
L.A. in N.Y.
L.A. in N.Y. 0 150 x 200 cm oil on canvas
Z.T. 2009 70 x 100 cm silk screen
Piano 2006 100 x 120 x 75 cm foam rubber
z. t. (Blinky Palermo)
z. t. (Blinky Palermo) 2008 140 x 20 x 15 cm plate-glass
krop sla (maakt onderdeel uit van installatie)
krop sla (maakt onderdeel uit van installatie) 2006 ceramic