Janine van Oene

Born in 1988
HKUtrecht 2010 -2014
Janine van Oene is pre-eminently a painter. While painting, she builds up her work elaborately and carefully. Sometimes a thick underpainting is visible, while in another painting, the linen is still visible. From a distance, we see an almost photographic image of a number of tent-poles along the side of the road with green bushes in the background, but close by, it seems an almost abstract painting in which clear brushstrokes depict the poles and the road seems merely one broad brushstroke. Van Oene creates her spaces in strange perspectives and adds objects and elements of which the viewer is tempted to ponder their meaning: a blank canvas, a wooden bird, three clocks. It's a dangerous game in which the painting must remain what it is without the objects starting to lead their own lives.
tentstok 2.0
tentstok 2.0 2013 30 x 24 cm oil on canvas
z.t. 2014 100x 130 cm oil on canvas