Johannes Schwartz

Works in Amsterdam
Born in Munchen (D), 1970
Gerrit Rietveldacademie 1995 -1998
Johannes Schwarz is a German photographer who was commissioned to conduct a photo shoot of the home of the recently deceased designer Wilma Sommers. This resulted in a penetrating insight into her personal life and surroundings. Detailed shots and overview shots of her living and working space. To maintain the intimacy of the house, Schwarz has veiled the photographs with a digital solarization which results in black images with silver lines and contours. This way, Schwarz preserves the privacy of the personal life of the deceased while at the same time reinforcing the dramatic character. The photograph in the collection is part of this series.
Huis van Wilma Sommers
Huis van Wilma Sommers 2012 31 x 44 cm piezography