Kees Goudzwaard

Works in Antwerpen (B) / Reusel (NL)
Born in Utrecht, 1958
Kees Goudzwaard is a painter. He is not a virtuoso but a thoughtful creator of compositions on linen. Goudzwaard shifts pieces and scraps of paper, transparent tape and crepe tape around until the composition corresponds to that which the painter sees in his head. This composition he transfers to the canvas. Meticulously and with a high degree of perfection. The result is actually a trompe l'oeil of a nearly flat plane on the canvas. The paper and tape seem real but appearances can be deceiving. Goudzwaard's oeuvre has a huge weight and concentration. One of the works in the collection is from the beginning of his career. A large circular canvas with a sky of small coloured dots. It is a special painting which already carries the potency of his later work.
Cape 2000 70 x 100 cm silk screen
Cirkel 1990 diameter 150 cm oil on canvas
Vliegtuig 1999 120 x 60 cm silk screen on plywood
Two Gaps
Two Gaps 2014 70 x 100 cm silk screen