Liesbeth Doornbosch

Works in Elten (D) / Arnhem
Born in Rheden, 1970
ABK Kampen 1988 -1993, Ateliers Arnhem 1993-1994
The paintings and collages of Liesbeth Doornbosch almost certainly find their origins in architecture. It looks as though Doornbosch cuts up old blueprints of houses and buildings into fragments she then shifts around to come to a transparent composition which serves as the basis for a painting. The painting z.t. 2009 shows several of these architectural layers. The bottom layer is made up of colour planes and looks like it could be an interior space. On top of this layer, she lets indoor and outdoor spaces flow into one another in wide perspectives and in an aesthetic green. Windows, tables and cabinets are visible in thin lines. Aesthetics is important in her work in which she tries to disrupt the viewer's act of seeing in a pleasant way, and put this to the test, while the image always remains appealing.
z.t. 2003 18 x 24 cm mixed media
z.t 9/11
z.t 9/11 2008 30 x 42 cm collage and acrylic on panel
z.t. 2009 90 x 240 cm acrylic / oil on canvas
Boom 2009 180 x 100 cm acrylic / oil on canvas
z.t. 2011 21 x 14 cm mixed media on panel