Lieven Hendriks

Works in Arnhem
Born in Velp, 1970
HKUtrecht 1991 -1994, Ateliers Amsterdam 1994 -1996
Hendriks paints according to a preconceived plan and method. The images in his head are often of a natural simplicity. The light on a slackly stretched canvas, the reflection of the sun on a fogged up window, a cloth out of which the shape of a vase is cut. They are very reminiscent of the trompe l'oeil. When Hendriks gets such a picture in his head, he experiments with techniques for as long as it takes for him to find the right painterly method to create multiple paintings of the same subject. He frequently opts for seemingly insignificant, almost anti-aesthetic images which consequently gain aesthetic and substantive significance after his treatment of these images on the canvas. A painting by Hendriks intimidates because of its lack of doubt and abundance of certainties. "This is the way it is and not otherwise," the painter seems to be saying. Still, despite the intimidating effect, the paintings offer sufficient leeway for the viewer to fill in the painting and finish it with the eye.
Indoors 2006 95 x 70 cm acrylic on linen
Sunny Spells
Sunny Spells 2012 140 x 115 cm acrylic on linen
Ruffled Pink
Ruffled Pink 2013 140 x 115 cm acrylic on linen