Marcel Doorduin

Works in Arnhem
Born in Den Haag, 1969
HKArnhem 1989 -1993, Rijksacademie 1994 - 1995
Does Marcel Doorduin depict reality in his paintings, or are they paintings of models he might have made himself? The panels and paintings by Doorduin often have houses and buildings as subjects. Only occasionally something of surroundings and nature is visible. Presumably one of the works depicts a toy garage, at least that's what it looks like. In this painting you cannot discover more about the scale because a real setting is missing. Constructed from yellow and blue black shadows, an image is created which you yourself have to finish with your eyes. Only a mirroring effect and the horizon suggest that the building might be situated in water. In Doorduin's paintings, the world of Marklin and Faller scale models is always lurking.
Korenveld 2009 40 x 30 cm oil on canvas
Wijk 2013 13 x 17 cm acrylic on plywood
Kasteel 2012 102 x 86 cm tempera and oil on canvas