Marjolein de Groen

Works in Rozendaal/Arnhem
Born in Groenlo, 1961
HKA 1982 -1988
De Groen uses photography as the basis for her work. Over the years, she has built up a huge archive of photographs with clouds as their subject. This archive has served as inspiration for new work for years. These new works are often generated and built up, using a computer. This also applies to the prints in the collection.A pine forest with patches of fog; only with closer scrutinisation, the "underlying city" becomes visible. With her videos she puts frozen images into motion. This actually concerns an animation. Like the animation in the tunnel in which the light around the bend suggests oncoming headlights. But is that really so? It seems as if in the video, time passes while in reality, nothing has actually happened.
z.t. 2008 160 x 225 peizography om summerset paper, aluminium
Tunnel 2011 video duration 00:01:20