Marten Hendriks

Works in Doesburg
Born in Doetinchem, 1941
arnhemse academie voor kunst en kunstnijverheid 1958-1963
The "unseen works" of Marten Hendriks are two canvases which are faded under the influence of sunlight. They are large canvases on which the contours of forms which Hendriks has covered up during this fading process are visible. Shadowy canvases with a contemplative appearance are generated this way. It remains unclear whether this was Hendriks's direct intention. The emphasis seems to lie in the process and the event rather than in the final result. This may also be true for his prints; drawings created on the computer. Again, it seems that the process of making is the actual work and the end result is merely an afterthought, a nice bonus. Hendriks's work is not easily definable and requires careful study.
Grote donkere verkleuring
Grote donkere verkleuring 1998 240 x 143 cm Discolouration on canvas
vliegtuig 1999 70 x 48 cm Screen print on wood veneer
 Polygon 743332
Polygon 743332 2008 30 x 39 cm Computer print / inkjet
Firmament 2010 144 x 110 cm Rendering Piezography
Grote rode verkleuring
Grote rode verkleuring 1998 260 x 143 cm Discolouration on canvas