Maurice van Tellingen

Works in Amsterdam
Born in Hilversum, 1957
Rietveldacademie 1979-1985, Rijksacademie 1985 -1988
Maurice van Tellingen creates illusions which remain close to reality. His works are models of reality. In compact cabinets stood ajar, he plays with perspective and conjures up spaces which seem larger than they actually are. He opts for everyday places such as living rooms, shower rooms, hallways, staircases, etc. These are perfectly made including the use of colour and light. Everything is worked out in detail. Whoever takes a look inside will encounter marvel. It is the trick of the old trompe l'oeil at work. The person who finds him or herself in Maurice's apartment, will look at the closed curtain. Outside it is dreary, night is falling. Then suddenly the sun shines through the curtain, and the world is friendly and warm. Instantly, everything has changed.
Restroom 2013 221 x 110 x 11 cm
Appartement 2006 48 x 48 x 22 cm MDF, paint, fabric, electric light