Nathalie Duivenvoorden

Works in Laren
Born in Leiden, 1988
HKUtrecht 2006 - 2011
Duivenvoorden's drawings depict signs of human presence in an often ominous atmosphere. Black skies, darkness, locked gates, a camper van in a solitary place. The artist does not let you in, you can only observe from the outside. You have to guess what's going on. The drawing in the collection depicts a house in the night. The house is fenced up. A bright light shines on part of the fence. Are we looking at a construction site, or maybe a crime scene? If Duivenvoorden wanted to tell a story, it would be about emptiness, an unpleasant void filled of tension.
z.t. 2014 30 x 41 cm Coloured pencil on paper