Pernille Kier & Kristoffer Due Petersen

Rietveld Academie 2010-2014
Pernille Kier and Kristoffer Due Petersen's installation consists of three elements. A photo wall depicting a waiting room, a coat rack from which hangs a ceramic motorcycle helmet, and a print of an elevator floor of the Rietveld Academy in the form of a carpet. Each element is a print/casting of an existing reality. Together, these "casts" form a new reality. On the one hand, the components are aesthetically pleasing and finely tuned together. On the other hand, the installation has a cold grubbiness, which very accurately expresses the feeling of pointless waiting in a waiting room. Pernille Kier and Kristoffer Due Petersen graduated from the Rietveld Academy. They are currently living and working in their native country of Denmark.
Waitingroom 2014 350 cm (chrome), Helmet live size ceramic, chrome
Waitingroom 2014 140 x 234 cm printed photo on PRC rug
Waitingroom 2014 300 x 210 cm print on MDF