Reinhold Engberding

Works in Hamburg (D)
Born in Herten, Westfalen (D), 1954
Gesamthochschule Kassel 1976 - 1982
The work of Engberding is very diverse. The small object from the collection belongs to the so-called "gehäkelte Arbeiten". These are three-dimensional works which usually have a skin of black crocheted cotton. This cotton is strengthened and made three-dimensional with wax or with a certain filling. It often involves hanging work, such as the work in the collection. Two small crocheted trunks filled with ping pong balls. When you look at it, it attracts and repels. It is attractive because of the softness of the cotton and the harmonious aesthetics, and repellent because of the colour but also because of the unknown content. They are lumpy trunks which evoke a slight erotic tension. It is not unlikely that the artist obtains a humorous pleasure from this.
Pingpongbal in netje
Pingpongbal in netje 2004 15 x 28 x 5 cm Ping pong ball, wool
Is that my son? (uit de serie is that my Son?)
Is that my son? (uit de serie is that my Son?) 2009 40 x 30 cm enamel paint on glass