Theo Konijnenburg

Works in Arnhem
Born in Capelle aan den IJsel, 1966
Theo Konijnenburg is inspired by everyday objects. Chair, cup, record player, milk carton; no object escapes his artistic adaptation. It gives Konijnenburg great pleasure to execute these objects in materials which are often contrary to the actual object. For example, a steel chair made out of standard PVC pipes, a record player made out of solid plastic and a milk carton made out of MDF. He often changes the scale of the object. The chair and the record player are smaller than their actual size. Konijnenburg's work is light, and certainly not without humour.
Platenspeler: record player
Platenspeler: record player 2008 30 x 24 x 9 cm white nylon
Stoel: chair
Stoel: chair 2009 74 x 31 x 40 cm grey pvc