One Size Fits Nobody w/ Doppelgang + Nikki Pleasure

Bar de Groen

You are invited to the festive premiere party of the latest film One Size Fits Nobody by artist and gender activist Julius Thissen. This is a night for all queers, lovers of art, prima ballerinas and beefcakes. *straight friendly* 

The film investigates themes such as rites of passage, deindividuation, aggression, toxic masculinity, contemporary performance culture, failure and comradeship. 


Doppelgang are twins Sander and Maurice de Graaf who have been cementing their name in the club and fashion scene since 2011. When the Doppelgang brothers step onto any stage, they’ll immediately capture your hearts through their tantalizing blend of House, Chicago, Acid and Disco.

NIKKI PLEASURE Drag queen ??‘‘ costume designer! Hot glue couture ??”???’? Nikki pleasure, her cunt is a treasure ??’? if you have to ask you can't afford it babe! ??’?

One Size Fits Nobody w/ Doppelgang + Nikki Pleasure