Woo Girls + Trompo

de Groen x Touchstone

Een nieuwe editie van Bar de Groen x Touchstone

Woo Girls

 is a duo comprised of Allison Philips and Laura Nygren. Both American, hailing from either end of states that bookend New York City, they met through mutual friends abroad in Amsterdam. Philips, a jazz trumpet player, cool cat, and pedal ninja, writes folky tunes with echoes of jazz while Nygren, a classical double bassist by training, electronic musician by night, and singer only in the (full) moonlight, provides sonorous bass-centric songs, to make the millennial heart throb. The duo’s music an eclectic acoustic- electro set, with influences of folk, jazz, and Bjork.


 is a passionate new music trio composed of Carlos Anez (flute), Marthe Lasthuis (violin), and Laura Nygren (double bass), dedicated to playing the music of their contemporaries and creating a new ensemble with its own unique spectrum of sound. The name Trompo comes from a translation of the word ‘thump’ to the internet language Esperanto. In Spanish a trompo is a dreidel played with by children as well as referring to a type of dreidel shaped meat on a stick that you would expect to find in a kebab shop. Trompo is a marriage of cultures: a sound made by a rabbit in Esperanto, a jewish toy in Spain, an Arabic style of cooking in Mexico and is the perfect metaphor for Trompo music. Trompo is the marriage of three separate musical cultures. From their great appreciation, training, and love of classical repertoire came a curiosity to press the boundaries and experiment with music in different genres. They’ve asked 11 composers from five different countries to write pieces for their ensemble to help them push the boundaries of the instruments

Woo Girls + Trompo